Ultra Low Power ICs: Voltage Detectors & Regulators, E2,  RTC

Allied Motion

DC Motors: Sub-Fractional DC Motors, Gearmotors, Actuators, Custom Motors

Astrodyne TDI

Power Supplies, Hight Power, Low Power: Filters, 5W-500KW, AC to DC, DC to DC, DC to AC Inverters, External Power, Air Cooled, Liquid Cooled, Encapsulated, Cathodic, Corrosion Protection Filters

Delta Electronics

Microwave and Millimeter wave Interconnect Solutions, RF Connectors, Adapters, and RF Cable Assemblies

Elinco International / JPC

DC and AC Motors, Fans and Blowers

Global Lighting Technologies

LED based Edge-lit Illumination, LCD Backlighting, General Illumination - Keyboard, Keypad, Touch Panel, & Sign Illumination

Hobart Electronics / Imag

Transformers: Toroids, Inductors, Ferrite, CVT, Auto


Circuit Board Shields, Fingerstock EMI Gaskets, Conductive Elastomers, Ultrasoft Gaskets, EMI/RFI Ferrites


Flex/Rigid Flex Circuits; Thermal Solutions - Heaters, Sensors, Instruments

National Wire & Cable

Wire, Cable & Assemblies: Molded, Custom, FDA Approved

Souriau - Sunbank 

Harsh Environment Interconnect Solutions: High Performance, High Reliability Connectors & Backshells


Embedded Memory & Storage solutions, NAND Products, Security Solutions, SIP Products

Wakefield - Vette

Extrusions, Cold Plates, Heat Pipes. Heat Sinks: Aluma-Cop, Bonded Fin, Copper, Extruded, Folded Fin, Hybrid, Liquid Cooled, Skived Fin, Zipper Fin, LED Heat Sinks, BGA Heat Sinks, SCR Heat Sink & Clamp Accessories. Wedge Locks.